Lammas Dragon Workshop this Monday 1st August

Channelled Dragon Message:

“Welcome to the Scottish Dragon Wisdom School! Through this site we dragons wish to connect with enlightened humans and assist them in their soul growth as you evolve as a race in consciousness. Many humans are reconnecting once again to their inner wisdom and knowledge of working with the dragon realm. We dragons have returned to Earth to assist with earth healing and the transformation of lower energies as you move out of the 3rd dimensional reality into the 5th dimension and beyond, as part of the New Dawn period of spiritual enlightenment.

schiehallion dragon
Schiehallion Dragon

Dragons are ancient wisdom keepers, energy transmitters, transformational light beings who can assist you in your own spiritual evolution. We wish to work with you as guides for your own healing and soul growth journey as well as for the transformation and healing of the energies of your home, Mother Earth. Some of you may have worked with us before and already be initiates in dragon wisdom and knowledge. Others of you may be just beginning your journey learning from the Dragon realm. Contrary to some beliefs we are benevolent beings of light who are here to be of service to you all.”

The Dragons asked in 2104 to have their own Wisdom School set up so they can bring through knowledge to assist humanity and as a place for them to increase the awareness of their realm. The Dragon conciousness is a powerful energy to connect with and through this site you will find ways to do so and tools to aid your connection with the Dragons.